Business ADSL2+

Remote Systems Management can now offer ADSL2+ connections.

Blistering download speeds of up to 24 Mbps and huge upload of 2.5 Mbps. These connections are ideal for businesses requiring increased bandwidth without the cost of leased lines.

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BT have announced their plans for expanding their 21st Century Network, known as 21CN, to more of the country.

Current deployment is to around 40% of the population and they aim to extend this to around 55% of homes and businesses by Spring 2010, and 75% by Spring 2011 depending on customer demand. The extension of 21CNmore..

Daniel Graham
Remote Systems Management

RSM Hosting & Domain name registration.

Hosting your domain name, Email, Web site & DNS services with RSM, enables the best technical support for your business and communications.

We provide state of the art Email and website hosting services from shared platform or dedicated servers.

DNS, is a very important component for today's modern business. By having control of your DNS records RSM are able to quickly implement vital changes to keep your communications up and running.

For further information on our hosting packages please download our brochure here..